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I believe it is high time we tell you a bit more about our manufacturing process. The focus this week is on care labels, as our satin labels were the most sought after items from our shop in the past couple of days.

So what really happens once you place an order?

The proof of the pudding 

Once the label design has been submitted it's time to print. This is my favourite part, when the design comes alive for the first time :) I love how our industrial printer can really bring out every intricate detail of even the most exquisite design.

We print one or two versions of the order as a test, take some pictures and send them back to you. I'm not a fan of doing pure digital proofs for care labels, as the actual design is just a part of the story. A lot depends on the ink and of course on the material itself, the way the light bounces off the surface, or the way the design appears on the label: A care label text might be completely readable on the monitor, but might be too narrow on a 1.5cm strip. So digital photo of the actual print is a better way to sending a pdf in our opinion.

Once the print has been accepted we are good to go, but what if we need to modify the design? It is not a big deal at all, in fact we are not happy until we get that "Ah these are the fabric labels of my dreams, please print and ship them ASAP" reaction. That's when we know that you will like what you receive without doubt. :)



The other bonus of the printed proof is, that once it had been accepted we don't need to do any alterations from our part. All we have to make sure is that the quality is great for every copy that comes out of the printer - and this is one of the reasons why we installed an industrial grade machine in-house: to personally check every single print before packing. 


Once the print is completed the goods are back on the proofing table and packed/shipped the next possible day (on some occasions the same day). All this in less than 24 hours from the final acceptance of the proofs.


We wouldn't be able to operate the way we do if we sent on the print jobs on to 3rd party industrial printers: we (and you) would miss out on so many goodies that we can offer right now: true print proofing, super fast turnaround, quality control. We wouldn't sell labels that are printed in any other way.


Hope you liked our short about our custom sew-in labels. Next week I will try to cover the key differences between the fabric labels on the market and some surprising uses we found for the two types we offer thanks to our customers :)

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