Design and Print Q&A

What should I send to you?

Everything you can, in the highest resolution possible (300dpi or more). Our mailbox can handle huge attachments, and there is a vast amount of storage available on our servers. Please also send us pictures of your work that you are about to label and any existing labels you might have, even if you would like to use your own design. We might surprise you with some recommendations:) We are also interested in your story; we believe, that the labels should reflect your brand identity.

What happens to the stuff I send to you?

We store your files on a secure storage, backed by Google's security. We keep everything available for re-orders.

Will you design a logo for me?

We would like to focus on label making, and logo design is a complex procedure on its own. We can however put you in touch with some of the finest designers we know :) 

Will the colours look the same on the print as they do on the proof?

Vibrant colours are going to appear slightly differently on your monitor compared to the print. This is due to the RGB to CMYK conversion. You can read more about this here:

Is there a surcharge for full colour labels?

No way! Use as much of the label area you like, it's all yours!

Is there anything you cannot print?

We refuse to print anything, that carries an offending, threatening message or violates the law in any way.