How your vinyl labels are delivered?


We calculate the number of labels we print for each pack by the area of an A4 sheet and the area of your stickers. Your labels come out of the printer on a huge roll. We cut these up to more manageable sizes, which can be anything between A5 - A4 sheets, and have some odd shapes (all depending on the dimensions of your labels).

Why packs and not sheets?

Why not deliver them on neet uniform sized sheets you ask? Well we thought about that, but quickly realized that we would be wasting too much material and you would end up with a lot less stickers in the end. 


How 50 cm square labels fit on an A4 sheet?


How we minimise waste by maximising the same area?

If you ordered 50cm square labels on an A4 sheet you would get 15 stickers. We however maximise the area and give you 22 for the same price that's 46% extra!

You get more stickers, the environment gets less waste - everybody wins! :)